Override in inheritance chain

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Override in inheritance chain

Postby zaibot.w on Fri Apr 16, 2021 7:25 pm


I have experienced some very unexpected and annoying behavior when dealing with an inheritance chain and a method that is supposed to be override in both subclasses. Here is a simple example:

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:class BC

∇ sayHello
  :access public overridable
  'I'm the base class.'

∇ speak
  :access public


:class SC1 : BC

∇ sayHello
  :access public override
  'I'm the first subclass.'


:class SC2 : SC1

∇ sayHello
  :access public override
  'I'm the second subclass.'


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inst←⎕new SC2
⍝ inst says "I'm the first subclass."
⍝ Intuitively, I would expect "I'm the second subclass.", which is also what you would get in other programming languages.

Even if I additionally mark
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as overridable in SC1 so that it is marked as override AND overridable at the same time (which is possible), I get the same behavior.

Is this intended?
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Re: Override in inheritance chain

Postby Vince|Dyalog on Tue Apr 20, 2021 3:50 pm

Hi zaibot.w,

I think this may be a bug, so I will add your example to this issue:

7625: Multiple levels of the class keyword Override do not work.


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