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Re: How to use ⎕Using

Postby PGilbert on Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:08 pm

Hello Vince, I have experimented with using a 'custom' dyalog.exe.config file and I can't make it work when we add the line: <probing privatePath="MJHSoftware;Syncfusion/4.5"></probing>, the interpreter can't find the Syncfusion assemblies. Could it be possible for Dyalog to provide us with a step by step instructions on how to use a 'custom' dyalog.exe.config file for that particular case ?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: How to use ⎕Using

Postby MikeHughes on Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:35 am

The full entry in the Dyalog.exe.config is not just the line you give but a little more. I don't have the full statement with me now but I will have access tonight.

If Vince (or you) have a recent copy of my WPF workspace there are two functions of use. This only affects the xmlns: resolution in Xaml not []Using.

list ← #.WPF.Xaml.Getxmlns
#.WPF.Xaml.Setxmlns list

The first returns the setting for the search directories for the .dlls
The second sets them - it overwrites, doesn't append so it pays to use Getxmlns first.
list normally contains 'MJHSoftware;Syncfusion/4.5'
and writes the correct statements to the Dyalog.Exe.Config file

Each search directory is separated by ; (semi-colon)
If you don't have a [Dyalog]/MJHSoftware directory then you don't need to include it, if you have others for another supplier say, add these to the list with a separating semi colon. The only limitation is that they must be a subdirectory of the Dyalog.exe in use. (ie) [Dyalog]

If you don't have the #.WPF functions I can send them to you and Vince this evening - Vince is due an update of the WPF ws anyway :-)

I recommend (obviously) my WPF workspace - Vince will have a new copy by tomorrow - it contains practically all the utility code you need to manage the WPF environment.
Including background processing using the Dispatcher,
Simple Data Binding function covers to the Ibeams,
It also allows simple usage of
{apl:Event} {apl:Command} for events / commands
{apl:DataContext} for DataBinding in Xaml.
(These can be compiled too with the .dll MJHSoftware.APLExtension.dll - available from Dyalog or me).
plus other things I have found necessary and useful.
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Re: How to use ⎕Using

Postby PGilbert on Thu Feb 11, 2016 3:38 pm

Following a recent discussion with Morten and Brian I was told that if the function FixMe is modify like this:

Code: Select all
 obj←FixMe xaml;⎕USING
⍝ ⎕USING←'System.Windows.Markup,WPF/PresentationFramework.dll'   ⍝ Wrong way

⍝ This way ⎕USING will be using any previous assignation that were
⍝ not loaded into memory before calling FixMe.
⍝ This is because ⎕USING is 'namespace scope'.
 ⎕USING,←⊂'System.Windows.Markup,WPF/PresentationFramework.dll'  ⍝ Good way

With that modification the function test2 is working as expected as long as the external ⎕USING is in the same namespace as FixMe.

Thanks Morten and Brian
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