How to keep the configuration

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Re: How to keep the configuration

Postby Phil Last on Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:42 am

Fully agree with both Pierre and Tomas re. regedit, .reg files and their much nicer alternative, the ini file. However so far as I know this is currently the only way to do it. As to the colours, unfortunately it's a single key consisting of approaching 400 hex pairs. A sepearate key for each named syntax/gui item, each being three hex pairs for RGB would e nice.

The registry is arguably one of microsoft's biggest ever mistakes. But we have to work with what we have. There used to be a way to specify all these things with an ini file. Perhaps there still is but I guess they'd still have to come from somewhere in the first place.
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Re: How to keep the configuration

Postby PGilbert on Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:55 pm

Looks like that starting with version 14.1 there is a new tool for transferring the configuration from a previous version (thanks Dyalog):

Code: Select all
    ]???copyreg ⍝ for defaults and examples for each switch
Command "tools.copyreg". Syntax: 1 argument (last arguments merged).
Accepts switches  -exclude= -include= -to=

Copy registry entries to file and optionally between versions

Argument and -to= switch are one of the installed APL versions
    Currently installed versions are:
        Dyalog APL/W 14.0 Unicode
        Dyalog APL/W 14.1 Unicode
    N.B. A version must be run once before using ]copyreg.

    If -to= switch is omitted, entries will only be copied to a file.

    Version may be specified with a shorthand consisting of any combination of:
        ## or ### or ##.#    Version number, e.g. 14 or 141 or 14.1
        C or U               Classic/Unicode edition of current or specified version
        32 or 64             32/64 bit version of current or specified version

        13           Dyalog APL/W 13.0
        32 140       Dyalog APL/W 14.0
        14.1U64      Dyalog APL/W-64 14.1 Unicode

-include= takes ;-delimited list of keys and values to include
    Valid items are:
        ''           Copy all values in the source root, e.g. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Dyalog\Dyalog APL/W 14.0
        Name         Copy the value Name
        Path\        Copy all keys, sub-keys, and values in and below Path
        Path\Name    Copy just the specific value Name in the key Path

    If -include= switch is omitted, the default is:

    The default list may be included by adding plus (+) at the beginning, i.e. -include=+Path\Name; etc.

-exclude= takes ;-delimited list of values to exclude
    Valid items are:
        Name         When copying a whole tree (with -include=Path\), skip any values named Name

    If -exclude= switch is omitted, the default is:

    The default list may be included by adding plus (+) at the beginning, i.e. -exclude=+Path\Name; etc.

N.B.: When copying a whole tree (with -include=Path\), any value whose data begins with '//' or contains the string ':\'
    or ':/' will be skipped. This restriction can be circumvented by explicitly including value names with -include=.

Warning: Modifying registry entries should be undertaken with caution; generating inappropriate registry entries may lead
    to unexpected and ill-defined behaviour of Dyalog APL. This utililty always copies registry entries to a time-stamped
    .reg file in the root folder. Double-click the file to revert any changes made after the indicated time.

Script location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dyalog\Dyalog APL 14.1 Unicode\SALT\Spice\cpreg
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