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Postby MikeBa on Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:46 am

Morten, thanks for your clarification.

I do agree that HTML5/JS (nor forgetting SVG,CSS etc.) should be Dyalog's priority for front-end stuff. On Tuesday, HTML5 became a W3C Recommendation and will, I suspect, endure as long as HTML4.

Although XAML based stuff gives richer possibilities, it is probably restricted to your existing customer base as client kit must meet very specific requirements of Windows/.NET4.5.

As you say, to reach new audiences, browser fronted applications seem to be the best option. Although web page markup and scripts are horribly verbose, it is relatively simple to generate from APL as ably demonstrated by Ray in his recent posting on MiServer, AJAX & SVG

Btw,champing at the bit to get my hands on MiServer3.

Finally, I do wish Microsoft would pull their fingers out and put more effort into Internet Explorer which, as usual, is way behind Chrome and Safari in terms of HTML5/SVG support. For example, I stumbled upon a neat way of using the new HTML5 <details> tag to generate a treeview (along the lines of ⎕WC) --- but it doesn't work in IE!
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