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Introduction to Dyalog Forums

Postby Morten|Dyalog on Tue Sep 30, 2008 8:08 pm

The Dyalog Forums provide a platform for Dyalog customers and other interested parties to discuss the use of Dyalog products. The forums do NOT replace the Dyalog Help Desk: If you have a support contract, you are always welcome to write to However, in the interests of building up a public knowledge base regarding the use of Dyalog, we suggest that you direct queries which are not actual bug reports (and do not contain confidential information) to the Forums first.

If your question begins with "How do I ...", then please try the Forums first!

The Dyalog team is monitoring the forums and will endeavour to respond to questions which remain unanswered by other forum users within 24 hours.

Picking a User Name
In order to post to the Dyalog forums, you must first enroll. In the interests of open discussions, we ask that you pick a name which clearly identifies you. Your full name is the best choice (for example MaryJaneSmith, or without the middle name, MarySmith). Acceptable alternatives would be MJSmith (lowercase is OK - but for a common name like Smith all initials should be included), and finally initials (mjs).

Once you are enrolled, your first few posts may be moderated, which means that they will not be visible to other users until a moderator has approved them. This is unfortunate but necessary to protect the forums from SPAM attacks.

Using E-Mail
You can request a daily or weekly e-mail Digest using the "Digests" tab in the User Control Panel. This message will contain the full text of everything posted to the forums, with links to open up the relevant topics in a web browser if you want to take a closer look or respond. In order to ensure that APL characters are properly handled, posting is only possible via the forum web page. Experiments have shown that e-mail clients still make too many errors in handling encodings to be used to write text containing APL symbols. For more information on posting APL code, see the sticky topic "Posting / Viewing APL Characters" under "Using the Forum".
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