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Links to PayPal webpage

Postby Nick Telfer on Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:02 pm

Until recently I was using WebBrowser from Windows.Forms.dll. The procedure was simply as follows
Load the application and display a form with various options
Sign on with the appropriate PayPal URL.
Specify and download a report to a specific folder.
On detecting the presence of the download file, the webpage would retire to the background the active form would re-appear and I would display a message with MsgBox. When OK'ed proceed with processing. This had to work in a standalone exec as well as the workspace.
Thanks to PayPal's total re-write and "improvement" of their system WebBrowser no longer works with the standalone exec.
With Windows 10 I found that using Edge as the browser works satisfactorily except for one or two problems. (Tried Chrome but it persisted in renaming the downloaded file and saving it in a Download folder.)
When I sign on to PayPal the webpage occupies the whole screen obscuring the progress bar and any help messages that I wish to display for new users. The main problem though is once the download has completed it is necessary to manually close or minimise the PayPal pages.
What I want to do is, as soon as I detect that the download has completed and loaded in the correct folder, to close (or minimise) the webpage so that the windows form re-appears with the MsgBox menu. Is there some way of doing this? Vince Chan suggested maybe ⎕NS might do it.
Can anybody help?
Nick Telfer
Nick Telfer
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