So farewell then clunky borders ?

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So farewell then clunky borders ?

Postby JohnS|Dyalog on Fri Oct 16, 2015 9:36 am

Q0: Would anyone object if I simplified the display function in dfns.dws by retiring the optional left argument, (default 1) which allows clunky borders?

      0 1 display¨ 'clunky' 'smooth'
.→-----. ┌→─────┐
|clunky| │smooth│
'------' └──────┘

This would mean that display would become monadic (ignoring any left argument) and always produce smooth borders.

Clunky borders were popular in the old days when printers couldn't manage box-drawing characters. Of course, if you have a copy of display in your app, which relies on clunky borders, it won't change unless you replace your old display function with the new one. Plus, I have no plans to change DISPLAY in display.dws, so that will continue to be available to clunk if desired.

Q1: I would like to remove the clunky option from disp too. This is slightly more awkward as it's the second option in a left argument vector of up to 4 items. I could either remove the option, which would mean that people would have to change the left argument vector in the calling line if they're specifying a 3rd or 4th option, or I could leave it in place and just ignore it. Any preferences? Again, nothing will change in your app unless you replace its copy of disp.

If no-one objects by this time tomorrow, I'll assume we're all cool with the changes and go ahead.


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