Accessing files in iCloud Drive

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Accessing files in iCloud Drive

Postby mikepowell on Wed Sep 07, 2022 2:31 pm

I have a file that I'd like to keep in iCloud Drive so that I can access it from APL either on my Mac or on on my laptop.

According to Apple's documentation, the first step is to give Dyalog APL (a third party app) permission to access iCloud Drive. You do this on the System Preferences panel going to Apple Id, selecting iCloud Drive, then using Options to select your third party app from a list. Unfortunately Dyalog APL does not appear there, although several other third party apps do (eg MacFamilyTree, Affinity Designer, Pixelmator etc).

Is there something that Dyalog APL needs to do (presumably at install time) to register as one of these third party apps?

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