Example of MiServer 3 using SVG graphics and AJAX

MiServer is Dyalog's APL-based web development framework

Example of MiServer 3 using SVG graphics and AJAX

Postby ray on Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:55 am

I am having a lot of fun using MiServer 3 and a page with over 20,000 SVG polygons, being updated via A(PL)JAX.

It is a visualization of a match between two species of ants in a world containing two anthills, some food sources, and several obstacles, running under the rules laid out in the 2004 ICFP Programming Contest "Dinner with Ambiants" (https://alliance.seas.upenn.edu/~plclub ... /ants.html).

If my site is up, you should be able to view it at

This is still "work in progress", and has been know to crash Chrome and FireFox.

I will be adding support pages once MiServer 3 documentation becomes available.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Many thanks to Brian who helped me at Eastbourne get this running.

Ray Cannon
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