Debugging own mipages

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Debugging own mipages

Postby bilekflo on Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:23 pm

Hi Brian,

Playing around with the MS3 is really interesting. But how can I debug or trace my own pages? Probably a lack of knowledge of OO programming in APL of mine.

Just had a problem in my template and got the following error in the APL session:

IPv4 127 0 0 1 49902 get /
Domain Error trying to load "/local/sys1/nbc/index.mipage"
IPv4 127 0 0 1 49902 500 Internal Server Error
IPv4 127 0 0 1 49940 get /
Domain Error trying to load "/local/sys1/nbc/index.mipage"

It is quite difficult to see where the problem is located.
Actually it was in my template on which the index.mipage is based.

Thank you in advance.

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