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Dyalog '14 - Videos week 6

Postby Karen|Dyalog on Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:36 pm

This week's user meeting videos focus on Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Initially released with Microsoft.NET 3.0, WPF is the backbone of Microsoft’s GUI strategy. Go to http://www.dyalog.com/dyalog_14/index.html to read about Dyalog '14 and follow the links to the videos.

• John starts "Data Binding Reloaded" with a recap of his Dyalog '13 Data Binding presentation. He explains the advantages of separating business logic from the user interface and how this can be realised using two-way data binding combined with WPF/XAML. Using his famous CD library he demonstrates what can be achieved with the functionality already available and details the planned enhancements to this for the next few releases. http://video.dyalog.com/Dyalog14/?v=HjcSLs3K658

• In "WPF Third Party Controls: Syncfusion and the APLGrid", Morten summaries WPF and the third-party controls that are available for it. He concentrates on two specific third-party packages that make WPF easier to use for APLers – Syncfusion controls and the APLGrid control from MJH Software Services (both bundled with Dyalog v14.0 onwards), using examples to illustrate the rich and responsive interfaces that can be achieved. Michael Hughes (MJH Software Services) then takes over to explain the APLGrid control, which emulates and extends Dyalog's Grid object, the most complex and widely-used ⎕WC control. Implemented in APL and built on top of Syncfusion's grid control, the APLGrid control includes most of the APL-friendly properties, methods and events of the original Grid but it is a standard WPF control that can be instantiated using ⎕NEW or with XAML. http://video.dyalog.com/Dyalog14/?v=naxY5_KF0lo

• Claus Madsen (Fine Analytics) takes the theory from the other two presentations and gives an application developer's take on data binding and WPF. In "The InRisk Asset Allocation Platform" he shows how someone who is a "non-IT guy" with no knowledge of WPF or data binding was able to write an advanced asset allocation tool using WPF (in APL – Dyalog v14.0 – rather than XAML) with Syncfusion tools. The live demo of his Portfolio Decision and Surveillance System (PDS) includes technical tips for creating a user interface and identifies the Syncfusion controls that he found particularly useful. http://video.dyalog.com/Dyalog14/?v=pcL8lGF6rjg

There will be further updates next Friday highlighting the new videos for the week. If you have any requests for specific videos that you’d like to see sooner rather than later then please let us know at usermeeting@dyalog.com and we'll see what we can do.
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