Dyalog '14 videos - week 4

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Dyalog '14 videos - week 4

Postby Karen|Dyalog on Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:33 pm

This week's user meeting videos have a strong emphasis on performance. Go to http://www.dyalog.com/dyalog_14/index.html to read about Dyalog '14 and follow the links to the videos.

• Roger picks up where he left off at Dyalog '13 and presents some of the speed-ups introduced as a direct result of customer feedback in "The Tuning Pipeline". He covers tuning the index-of family of functions and fast range finding before explaining the benefits of exploiting his "selfie" concept – dyadic functions in which the left and right arguments are the same – and detailing potential performance enhancements for Dyalog version 14.1. Kimmo Kekäläinen (KJK-Tieto), a Dyalog Beta tester for over two decades, then gives a user's/application developer's perspective on the productivity increases that can be achieved by upgrading to Dyalog version 14.0 without needing to implement any code changes. He goes on to show the further speed-ups that he expects to achieve when he incorporates some of the features and optimisations introduced at version 14.0 into his code. http://video.dyalog.com/Dyalog14/?v=7GDya-E3pxI

• In "Parallel Programming with Dyalog V14.0", Morten emphasises the performance enhancements that can be achieved with futures and isolates. One of the most important features of Dyalog version 14.0, these enable deterministic, coarse-grained, parallelism; the intention is that they will become industrial-strength within the Dyalog version 14.1 lifecycle. http://video.dyalog.com/Dyalog14/?v=JvLWvyG7JEs

There will be further updates next Friday highlighting the new videos for the week. If you have any requests for specific videos that you’d like to see sooner rather than later then please let us know at usermeeting@dyalog.com and we'll see what we can do.
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