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BAA-London - March Symposium

Postby Phil Last on Sat Mar 15, 2014 4:16 pm

BAA-London - March Symposium
BAA-London - the London based discussion group for the APL family of array languages.

The March Symposium will be held on Friday 28 March at:
The Albion
2/3 New Bridge Street
City of London
Upstairs room booked from 14.30 'til 17.30. Meet earlier downstairs for a pre-event drink and/or a chat.
We've much to get through. So that remote listeners can join and leave to catch just the content they want to hear the following is an approximate schedule:

Ray Cannon will start us off with:
14.30 "PiRat Bot" (a Raspberry Pi Based Robot)
15.15 "almost entirely but not quite un-like music" (also a Pi)

Mike Hughes' talk on WPF will be in four sections at approx. half hourly intervals with time for questions between each:
15.30 Why WPF?
16.00 Converting from []WC to WPF
16.30 Data Binding
17.00 Xaml and extra WPF features

Anyone wishing to join remotely should mail to Phil or Jake personally or publicly at
Invitations with the GTM meeting ID will be sent out nearer the time.

But please attend personally if you can, we've plenty of room.
Free WiFi so you can attend and work concurrently.
Suggestions and discussion of agenda please to:
Please feel free to cross-post this announcement to other forums where others might be interested and re-post it here if you add anything.
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