Dyalog '13 Videos - week 3

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Dyalog '13 Videos - week 3

Postby Fiona|Dyalog on Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:30 pm

This week's conference videos focus on Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Initially released with Microsoft.NET 3.0, WPF is the backbone of Microsoft’s GUI strategy.

• In Part I, JohnD demonstrates how new “data binding” features in version 14.0 will integrate WPF very tightly with APL.

• Part II features Michael Hughes talking about his efforts to make WPF easy to use from APL. Michael’s WPF emulation of Dyalog’s built-in Grid object, based on the Syncfusion grid, will smooth the path for anyone wanting to move to the new technology from the existing built-in GUI tools.

Go to http://www.dyalog.com/user-meetings/dyalog13.htm to read about Dyalog ’13 and follow the links to the videos.

There will be further updates next Friday highlighting the new videos for the week. If you have any requests for specific videos that you’d like to see sooner rather than later then please let us know at conference@dyalog.com and we’ll see what we can do.
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