FinnAPL Forest Seminar 2013 *Update*

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FinnAPL Forest Seminar 2013 *Update*

Postby Veli-Matti on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:32 am

This the current status of the FinnAPL Forest Seminar program.
The conference price is 295€ - the same as many times before.

Breakfast, lunches, dinner, sauna and coffee/tea included.
Plus accommodation 155 € single/165 € double.

Registration on March 15th at the latest by email to:
We can also take care of the room reservations.

FinnAPL Forest Seminar 2013 Långvik (Draft 8/3/2013)

Thursday April 18th 2013

08:30 Welcome Coffee
09:10 Seminar Opening
09:15 Olli Paavola, PYR Oy: Fuzzy Thinking: Case Packaging Volumes
10:00 Gitte Christensen, Dyalog Ltd: News from Dyalog
10:30 Break
10:45 Tomas Gustafsson, Stormwind Ab Oy: 13400 Square Kilometers, Performance and Timing in the Simulator
12:00 Lunch
13:15 Morten Kromberg, Dyalog Ltd: Technical News from Dyalog
14:15 Coffee Break
14:45 Jouko Kangasniemi, EK: Running PowerPoint from Dyalog APL
15:30 Walter Fil, Future Perfect Ltd: Topics in Office Automation
16:30 Sauna
19:00 Dinner

Friday April 19th 2013

09:15 Veli-Matti Jantunen, Statistics Finland: Connecting eXist-Database to PX-Edit
10:00 Break
10:30 Esa Lippu, Varma: The Evolution of an Integrated Array and Object Oriented Data Warehouse Maintenance Environment
11:15 Walter Fil, Future Perfect Ltd: A Bargain Basement JavaScript Translator
12:00 Lunch
13:15 Nicolas Delcros and Adrian Smith, Dyalog Ltd: [RainPro and] SharpPlot
14:15 Coffee Break
14:45-17 General Discussion

Dyalog Presentations:
Gitte Christensen: News from Dyalog
Gitte will talk about the current state of play, and present thoughts about where Dyalog and APL will be heading in the decade to come.

Morten Kromberg: Technical News from Dyalog
Morten will present an overview of the recently released version 13.2, a sneak preview of some features of version 14.0 and talk about upcoming “tool” releases, including the MiServer Web Platform and the Dyalog File Server.

Nicolas Delcros and Adrian Smith, Dyalog Ltd: [RainPro and] SharpPlot
Nic has now officially joined the SharpPlot development team and is working with Adrian are working on a new unified architecture, in which it is hoped that RainPro and SharpPlot will finally become a single entity.
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