2012 World Wide APL Programming Contest

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2012 World Wide APL Programming Contest

Postby Brian|Dyalog on Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:50 pm

Announcing the 2012 World Wide APL Programming Contest
New for 2012 - Non-student Competition Bracket

This year’s contest includes two competition brackets: one for students and one for non-students.
Prizes for the Student Bracket:
• Grand Prize: US$2500 and a paid trip to Dyalog’12 to be held in Elsinore, Denmark in October 2012
• Second and third prizes of US$1200 and US$600 respectively
• Up to 20 US$100 consolation prizes.

Prizes for the Non-student Bracket:
• Grand Prize: A complimentary registration to Dyalog’12
• Other notable non-student entries will be recognized at Dyalog’12 and on the contest website.

US$6300 in Referral Awards available
• Individuals or Organizations who refer winning students will receive monetary awards equivalent to those won by all students they refer.

The purpose of the contest - now in its fourth year – is to encourage students and others to investigate APL (A Programming Language), in the hope that exposure to APL broadens their horizons and adds a new tool to their toolbox. A fully featured copy of Dyalog APL is available free of charge to students, whether they participate or not. Students of disciplines other than Computer Science are encouraged to participate; many of the most successful APL users have backgrounds in other fields.

This year, in response to an outpouring of interest to open the competition to a wider audience, we have added a separate competition bracket for non-students. Participants will complete the same questions as the students and their entries will be reviewed by the competition judging panel. The grand prize winner will receive a complimentary registration to Dyalog ’12 in Elsinore, Denmark. This will give experienced APLers an opportunity to have some fun and “strut their stuff”.

Contest participants may use Dyalog APL, or any other version of APL, to develop their solutions subject to the conditions outlined in the contest terms and conditions.

The contest is open to anyone except contest organisers and employees of Dyalog Ltd. Participants should be aware that only students who meet the criterion for a free Dyalog Educational Licence are eligible for any of the student prizes. Students can apply for an Educational Licence directly via the Dyalog website. Non-students may download a free, unregistered version of Dyalog APL from the Dyalog website. Referral prizes can be won by anyone.

Deadline for submission is 12:00 UTC (Noon), Sunday, August 5, 2012. Grand, second and third prize winners will be announced on August 13, 2012, and the remaining winners, as well as the referral prize winners, will be announced during Dyalog ’12 in Elsinore.

For more information on the programming contest rules and submission of entries can be found at the contest website [www.dyalog.com/contest_2012/index.html].
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