BAA-London - November Symposium

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BAA-London - November Symposium

Postby Phil Last on Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:44 pm

BAA-London - November Symposium
BAA-London - the London based discussion group for the APL family of array languages.

The November Symposium is due to be held on Friday 30 at:

The Hoop and Grapes
80 Farringdon Street
EC4A 4BL ... don+Street

Upstairs room booked from 14.30 'til 17.30. Meet earlier downstairs for a pre-event drink and/or a chat.
Solving all the world's problems (with APL.) unless anyone has something more important.

This will be our 10th Anniversary or to be more precise the last Friday of the month ten years since the month in which we had our first (0th?) meeting.
Having announced it as such last month and having received a plaudit at the recent Dyalog'18 ConfUser meeting I feel a bit of a fraud because I can't come.
'though to be honest not much is expected of us as Paul's description had us as not much more than a bunch of drunks.

Have a great time.
Next - 25 January and the last Friday of all subsequent months except December.
Suggestions and discussion of agenda for this and further symposiums please to:
Please feel free to cross-post this announcement to other forums where others might be interested and re-post it if you add anything.
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