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Acre Desktop

Postby paulmansour on Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:28 pm

Hi All,

The Carlisle Group has released “Acre Desktop”, an open source project on GitHub. You can find everything related to it here:

For a number of years, we have been using Acre, our own in-house source code management (SCM) system. With Acre Desktop we have completely separated and redesigned Acre into two independent parts: Acre Desktop and Acre Server*.

Acre Desktop is designed as a simple Dyalog IDE plug in, delivered as a small set of user commands. It makes no assumption and is totally independent of the SCM system that one might be using. At the Carlisle Group we are using it with GitHub, and soon with Acre Server on the back end. There is no reason it should not work with the SCM system of your choice. In addition, we believe that Acre Desktop is extremely useful even without using a SCM system.

There will be a lot of little changes in the next month or two, but it is worth trying out now, just to see the overall concepts. The code may run ahead of the documentation, or vice-versa over the next month, but it should settle down soon.

We welcome feedback. Just chime in with design issues, bugs, and requests for enhancements on GitHub.


Paul Mansour

*This is largely so we can exercise another project, FlipDB, as a server and test out its HTTP API. There is no doubt that some of our projects will be using GitHub, maybe all of them at some point.
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