need a big pascal's table

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Re: need a big pascal's table

Postby Bob Armstrong on Sun Sep 11, 2022 5:06 pm

I cited this thread in a note to the Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group ,,_000_row_Pascal_Triangle.html , as a candidate for their monthly challenge .

When a follow up brought up Gray codes , I happened to look at my minimal collection and saw that I had written a ` Pascal on New Years 2019 .
Code: Select all
|  PascalTri ( n-1 -- n row Pascal triangle ) | 20190101
: PascalTri i1 enc >a { a@ a@ -1 _at ' +i ': i1 braket cL /\a } _nxtimes a> ;

Looking back at my notes for that day I see I was mainly testing my verb ` braket
Code: Select all
: braket ( str strs -- str ) 2p> 0 _at swap cL R@ 1 _at cL 2P> ;
| Prefixes and suffixes str with 2 item strs . Examples : 
|      s" 2 item"  s" <i>" s" </i>" ,L braket

Verbs with prefix ` _ take their preceding int argument directly off the chip ( x86 ) stack and raise it to a 1 item CoSy list .
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Re: need a big pascal's table

Postby Veli-Matti on Wed Sep 14, 2022 7:56 pm

Nice, tclviii, nice!
Usually the old skool ways tend to be efficient, they just don't look that modern, though :)

What follows is a warning about code golfing compared to effectiveness:

I had this idea making the triangle columnwise, i.e. (I have renamed the functions in my workspace)
      ∆←pascal_7 r;c;i;⎕FR
⎕FR←∆fr r
∆←r r⍴r↑1 ⋄ c←r⍴1

:For i :In ⍳r-1

∆fr is simply
∆fr←{(⍵>999)(↑⌽)645 1287}

The test seemed promising...

]runtime "pascal_7 10000"
CPU (avg): 3390
Elapsed: 3389 what about getting the approach from the quickest pascal function (in my ws this far) and making a tad shorter code to make the function quicker...

      ∆←pascal_7c r;c;i;⎕FR
⎕FR←∆fr r

:For i :In ⍳r-1

...alas, testing showed something else:

]runtime "pascal_7c 1000"
CPU (avg): 1015
Elapsed: 1020

]runtime "pascal_7c 10000"
CPU (avg): 1122281
Elapsed: 1122749

Be careful what you wish for!

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