Chudnovsky algorithm

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Chudnovsky algorithm

Postby Roger|Dyalog on Wed Dec 23, 2020 10:07 pm

The Chudnovsky algorithm is a fast method for computing the digits of pi. Each term of the series produces an additional 14 decimal digits.


To facilitate its implementation in APL, we rewrite the formula so that the terms are rational.


k ← qi ⍳⍵
top ← (!Q k×qi 6) ×Q (qi 13591409) +Q k ×Q qi 545140134
bot ← (!Q k×qi 3) ×Q ((!Q k)*Q qi 3) ×Q (qi 640320) *Q k ×Q qi 3
rt ← {(qi 2) ÷Q⍨ ⍵ +Q (qi 640320) ÷Q ⍵}⍣(⌈2⍟1+⍵) qi 640320*0.5
⍝ sqrt 640320 to 14×⍵ digits
÷Q ((qi 12) ÷Q (qi 640320) ×Q rt) ×Q -Q/ top ÷Q bot

For example:

      100 ⍕Q pica 8

OEIS A000796

pica uses operator Q and function qi of the Rational Arithmetic facility. The code is available from here.

Substantially the same text previously appeared as the J wiki essay Chudnovsky Algorithm, 2011-05-08.
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