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Postby Tomas Gustafsson on Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:38 am

That much scandinavian geo-sourcedata now sits on the 8 TB RAID 1 and gets crunched at the fast 2 TB SSDs as i type. This current minor step of many seems now to be at 1041 of 2762, so some hours more to go.

APL is unbeaten at big data. There is always uncertainty of what it really contains. And mistakes may be fatal later in the chain! With Dyalog, you can pause a function and DISP a temporary large array of mixed data types, and view the 74000 character wide result in a single window on 4 screens. That's 8000 pixels and almost 2 meters of width!

This time I wanted to ensure that the catenated (sub)arrays were correctly enclosed, deep in the array, and could do it with a few keypresses! (Was correct, as in the yellow circles).


(Right-click and open in new windows, scroll with left/right arrow keys)

Tomas Gustafsson
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