Nested namespaces in script get circular.

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Nested namespaces in script get circular.

Postby ArrayMac227 on Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:32 pm

Some code, (12.1):
      ⍪ns1←':Namespace test' ':Namespace test_a' 'x←''a''' ':endnamespace' ':namespace test_b' 'x←''b''' ':endnamespace' ':endnamespace'
:Namespace test
:Namespace test_a
:namespace test_b
+t161620c.⎕fix ns1
#.t161620c.test.⎕nl 9
#.t161620c.test.test_a.⎕nl 9 ⍝⍝ shows sibling namespace??

I use the Dyalog Explorer to look at the namespaces, and the 'circular' references cease. Given I cannot see the code for Explorer, I wonder how to work around this circularity.
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Re: Nested namespaces in script get circular.

Postby DanB|Dyalog on Tue Jun 21, 2016 4:01 pm

scripted namespaces (and classes) behave differently from unscripted namespaces.
In a scripted space the whole family (parents, children, grand-children, nephews, etc.) is visible to everyone. In unscripted nss not so.
This leads to circular references effectively.
To know if a spaces are siblings you need to look at their parent (##) and compare them. If they are = then they are siblings.

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