How do I Enable Debugging of my ASP.NET Application?

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How do I Enable Debugging of my ASP.NET Application?

Postby Morten|Dyalog on Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:48 pm

ASP.NET does not typically allow access to the desktop for any of its internal components. Follow these steps to allow access to the desktop for the Dyalog session :-

1) Open "Control Panel" and then open "Administrative Tools"
2) Open the services applet
3) Find the "IIS Admin Service" entry, right click and select "Properties"
4) Select the "Log On" tab
5) Make sure that "Local System account" is selected and that "Allow service to interact with desktop" is checked.

iis_service.jpg (37.1 KiB) Viewed 5786 times

6) Click the OK button
7) Repeat stages 3-6 for the "World Wide Web Publishing Service"

In addition, your web.config file needs to be configured to use the development versions of the Dyalog DLLs.

1) Open your web.config file in a suitable text or XML editor
2) Locate the "compilation" section
3) Ensure that the "compilation" section includes debug="true", as shown below

<compilation debug="true" batch="false">

4) Save the web.config file

Finally, the username for the IIS process itself needs to be configured.

1) Open "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\CONFIG\machine.config" in a suitable text or XML editor.
2) Find the "processModel" section which should look like:

<processModel autoConfig="true" />

and change it to:

<processModel autoConfig="true" userName="SYSTEM" />

And at last:

1) Restart the machine
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