Changing SALT Settings

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Changing SALT Settings

Postby arcfide on Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:22 am

I am running the 32-bit Dyalog Unicode edition 13.0.9198 on Slackware64 Linux. When I change the settings of my SALT instance, I get something like this in SALT.settings:

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editor urxvtc -e jstar

However, if this is in ~/.dyalog/SALT.settings I end up with an error as follows:

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Dyalog APL/S Version 13.0.9198
Unicode Edition
Wed Feb  1 22:21:20 2012
clear ws
ClassFolder[11] :If '['=1↑root

[⎕SE.SALT] ⎕SE.SALTUtils.ClassFolder[11]*


Could someone please clarify what is going on and whether this is an issue on my end or whether this is something else?
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