Using 15's file-viewer with other filemanagers

Using (or providing) components based on the "Win32" framework

Using 15's file-viewer with other filemanagers

Postby MBaas on Fri Jul 01, 2016 4:15 pm

I like the .dws-preview that came with V15 - but I do not like Explorer.
Fortunately the preview uses standard Windows-hooks, so that it can be accessed from other filemanagers as well.

Let's share experiences!

SpeedCommander: DWS-Preview works in SC's File-Preview (Strg+Q)immediately, no action needed!

XYplorer: DWS-Preview needs to be enabled in a slightly weird way (desptite it being german software ;-)): open "Configuration", select "Preview / File-Formats", put cursor on category "Office Formats", click "Add"-Button (lower right) and in the popup-dialog enter "dws" (w/o quotes). OK everything, now it will work (Ctrl+F11).
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