I must finally succumb to the OO dotNet Dark Side (Reuters)

Writing and using Classes in Dyalog APL

I must finally succumb to the OO dotNet Dark Side (Reuters)

Postby tclviiidyalog on Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:40 pm

Dear Dyalog-ians

I've managed to avoid it for a long time, but I now find myself needing to cross over to
the Object Oriented dotNet Dark Side in order to deal with Reuters

Specifically, I'd like to call the AdxRtHistory Reuters API from Dyalog APL, and retrieve
some historic data.

I vaguely recall some article, (Vector? Perhaps a paper at one of the conferences?),
that showed how to do this for static (i.e. non time series) data. Things like the
coupon of a particular Bond ticker, etc.

Does anyone have any experience calling the Reuters API, or have a copy of that article?

thanks in advance for taking the time to search your collective memories,
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