Installed v13.2 and lost the APL language bar - fixed

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Installed v13.2 and lost the APL language bar - fixed

Postby BeauWebber on Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:40 pm

Probably very simple : I have just upgraded from Dyalog APL 13.0 to 13.2
The language bar has vanished from the taskbar, and
when APL starts it says "the currently selected keyboard does not seem to support entering Apl characters".
Running the IME 64 bit installer says it is installed. I have tried repair.
This is on a MS Windows 7 64 bit system.
It says the language bar is docked in the task bar.
Any ideas ?
Cheers, Beau

To give more detail, the manual says :
To change the properties of the IME go to Options/Configure/Unicode Input tab and select Configure Layout:

The keyboard selection box is empty, and the Configure Layout button gives error :
Could not configure selected layout.

The Control Panel => Text Services and Input Languages
only lists English {UK} keyboard.

OK, un-installed and re-installed IME 64bit and it now works fine.
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