The Dyalog IME and Windows 10 Language Bar

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The Dyalog IME and Windows 10 Language Bar

Postby Brian|Dyalog on Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:23 am

Under Windows, if you use the Dyalog IME to type APL characters in applications other than Dyalog APL (for instance, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint), you can toggle between the normal keyboard and the Dyalog APL keyboard using the Windows Language Bar. In Windows versions prior to Windows 10, there would be "D" icon in the system tray to indicate that the Dyalog keybaord was active. However, under Windows 10, the indication for me is "ENG" (I use an English normal and Dyalog keyboard) which is the same as my default keyboard so I have no visual differentiation for which keyboard is active. Under Windows 10, you can restore Windows' previous language bar icons behavior using the instructions found at:
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