Power Operator-- A Simple Question about a Simple Scalar

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Power Operator-- A Simple Question about a Simple Scalar

Postby petermsiegel on Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:14 pm

I've always wondered why the power operator ⍣ couldn't be lax about its scalar right operand, i.e. why can't it tolerate (overlook just this once?) a single-element vector as well? I find myself doing f ⍣ (⍬⍴...)⊣⍵ (or creating a cover function pow) for use with common functions that alway return vectors, even for simple args.
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  2+⍣(0=⎕NC'fred')⊣3      ⍝ Bad, yet easy on the eyes.    ⎕NC returns 1-element vector
  2+⍣(⍬⍴0=⎕NC'fred')⊣3    ⍝ Good syntax, but n⍬isy!

No doubt the interpreter is correct and certainly consistent, but those ⍬⍴ can obscure errors, e.g. when a multi-element vector is afoot, ⍬⍴ will hide the error.
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Re: Power Operator-- A Simple Question about a Simple Scalar

Postby Roger|Dyalog on Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:12 am

I don't know the exact reasoning, but my guess is that it goes something like this: f⍣m⊢⍵ may possibly be extended in the future to allow an array right operand, and in such extension the outer shape of the result would be the shape of that right operand. The current ⍣ should not behave in a way that forecloses future correct behavior.

The extended power operator can be modelled as follows:

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      pow←{⍵⍵ ⍺⍺{⍺⍺⍣⍺⊢⍵}⍤0⊢⍵}

      2+pow(0=⎕nc 'fred')⊢3
      ⍴2+pow(0=⎕nc 'fred')⊢3
      2+pow(⍬⍴0=⎕nc 'fred')⊢3
      ⍴2+pow(⍬⍴0=⎕nc 'fred')⊢3

An example where an array right operand is useful:

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1.5 1.41667 1.41422 1.41421 1.41421 1.41421 1.41421 1.41421

      2 - ×⍨{0.5×⍵+2÷⍵}pow(⍳8)⊢1
¯0.25 ¯0.00694444 ¯0.0000060073 ¯4.51061E¯12 4.44089E¯16 4.44089E¯16
          4.44089E¯16 4.44089E¯16

      ⍝ currently you can't do that with ⍣
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